Welcome to Coffee For Good

Bean Inspired Venture is a Social Enterprise that provides barista skills training and employment opportunity for underserved youth.

Coffee For Good

Bean Inspired Venture provides barista skills training and employment opportunity for underserved youth. Upon completion of the training program, we provide employment assistance by either placing them in our cafe under the Coffee for Good Cafe (CFG Cafe) brand or other cafes located in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.


Coffee for Good Project aims to solve unemployment among underserved youths in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We do this by providing them the access to essential job skills and barista training skills.

The problem we are trying to solve.

Many of the underserved youth has limited access to the current job trends and skills. Besides lack of awareness on what the job market needs, they also have limited access to acquiring new skills due to financial limitations. Thus many youths are unemployed and easily exposed to social problems. Hence, we aim to solve this matter by providing the youth with equal access to essential job skills and to use coffee industry as their first job experience.

Our beneficiaries.

Our beneficiaries are youths (16-25 years old) from urban poor family (household income less than RM3000) and also youth at risks. We do the selection by working closely with Non Profit NGOs, charity homes and orphanages.

Why Coffee & Barista Skills?

We use the coffee industry and barista career as a platform for the youth to learn and exposed to working experience. Essential job skills and barista skills are thought to them for a one week, which this will be practiced during their one month on the job training at our cafe locations.

Our social impact

We aim to provide job placement to youth in need. We believe that this will produce productive and financially stable youths. We aim to bring themselves and their family out of the urban poor statistics.


Contact Us

E-mail: faridah@coffeeforgood.com.my

Contact No: +6012 – 292 1480