Sustainable Coffee

In recent years, we have seen the term sustainable being used across by many industries like sustainable fashion, sustainable building, sustainable tourism and not to forget, sustainable coffee.

What does Sustainable / Sustainability means?

sustainability can be defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources (which is influenced by the way societies are organised) to keep an ecological balance so that society’s quality of life doesn’t decrease.
The 3 pillars of Sustainability
So, what is Sustainable Coffee ?

Defined generally, it’s coffee that is grown in a way that conserves nature and provides better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it.

Bruno Vander Velde

What can we, as consumers ( and us as retailers ) do to help ensure the sustainability of coffee for our next generation? ..

Here are some ways you ( and us ) can help :

Support fair trade coffee. Here’s some good example to start with.
Support cafes that reward customers who brings their own cup / tumbler.
Use compostable take away packaging
Reuse spent coffee grounds, coffee bags, coffee filters,
Offer vegan options like :
Go paperless ( no paper receipts )
Use water efficiently.

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