Youth Employability Program

Program Objective

To reduce unemployment among the underprivileged (low income, urban poor, non-academic performing youths, second chances) by providing them the access to coffee education and a career in the coffee industry.


Program Detail

A one month training plus six month monitoring program that provides essential job skills to unemployed youth using coffee industry as a platform.

Participants will go thru a one week classroom training with modules covering from job responsibilities, personal hygiene and personal grooming. Soft skill such as communications, problem solving, teamwork and leadership are also part of the training content.

Participants are exposed to basic barista skills which includes coffee machine calibration, preparing good shot (espresso), milk frothing and latte art. Since making good coffee require well maintained espresso machine and grinder, candidates also learn how to clean and maintain coffee making equipments.

Upon completion of the one week class room training, participants attends a two week on the job training with either our program partner our potential hiring partner. This will allow the participants to practice what they have learnt.

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